Comprehensive wealth management you and your family can trust.

We are a boutique wealth management firm offering a broad range of investment solutions, sophisticated strategies, and wealth planning options to clients. We are what is known as a fee-only advisor. We do not receive sales commissions of any kind. Our team has over 20 years of experience serving others and utilizing a host of investment vehicles and financial tools.

Philosophy Matters.

What someone believes defines them. It determines their actions.

The same is true for an investment philosophy. At Stirling Bridge Wealth Partners we believe the way to amass true wealth is by purchasing assets below their conservatively rendered intrinsic value, then allowing the twin engines of time and compounding to do the heavy lifting for you. We aim to preserve client wealth first, then compound.

Defined Process.

We start each relationship with a detailed interview to understand our clients' assets and liabilities as well as their goals and constraints. A financial plan may be a part of this first stage.

The second step involves preparing a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for every client. This document serves as the marching orders for Stirling Bridge Wealth Partners and the measuring stick for clients to ascertain our successes or shortcomings.

Portfolios are constructed in the third step of our process. We utilize risk-appropriate tools in a mix suitable for achieving client objectives. During the construction phase, we focus on maintaining efficiency and low expenses.

There is no final step of our process. Instead, we constantly monitor client portfolios with regard to the IPS. We update holdings in a tax efficient/low cost manner when forecasts warrant. We meet with clients at regular intervals to ensure that you are well informed.

Our team

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust

We gained experience working with high net worth clients while a part of a large corporate setting as well as in local Registered Investment Advisors. Chances are, we've taken care of individuals, families, and business owners just like you.


02. Extraordinary Service

We believe that being independent means that we are nimble enough to react quickly to client needs. Client communication is important to us. We strive to exceed client expectations by proactively reaching out via phone calls, emails, and newsletters on a regular basis. Meetings, too, are a part of our service model. Many client reviews take place right at our clients' kitchen tables.


03. Customized Investment Solutions

Our shop is NOT about pulling an investment model off the shelf and putting it into a client account. Instead, using the time-tested methods of investing with a margin of safety, we build client portfolios one security at a time. In this manner every client gets a truly customized set of investments that we believe will have the best opportunity to reach his or her goals.

04.Robust Financial Planning
We utilize sophisticated software to help you get the most from your financial plan. Whether you are saving for retirement, college, or an altogether unique goal, you'll do so with confidence after our review.

About Us

April Born

April serves clients as an Operations Associate. She has over 20 years of experience in accounting, client service, and marketing. April is Jason's spouse.  She is an active Sunday School teacher and homeschool mom and received her accounting degree from Lorain County Community College. April usually has no free time, but when she does, she enjoys reading and planning the family vacation..

Jason Born

Jason is a CFA charterholder with over 20 years of investment experience. He has worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager in the trust departments of large regional banks, helping high net worth individuals and business owners achieve their investment goals. He manages client portfolios and services their financial needs. Jason is graduate of Ashland University. His MBA is from Case Western Reserve University. He is an active volunteer his church. He serves as unpaid principal for his family's homeschool. Jason enjoys writing historical fiction, splitting firewood, and playing the guitar in his free time.

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